Bitcoin Circuit Review, What Is The Bitcoin Circuit SCAM?

Bitcoin Circuit review and SCAM investigation. The Bitcoin Circuit scam automated trading software (crypto robot) is advertised as a kind of exclusive group reserved for new Bitcoin Millionaires who have generated massive fortunes using a secret bitcoin trading app which generates signals at a 99.4% level of accuracy. But don’t sweat it, if you are not sure if Bitcoin Circuit is SCAM or legit we are formally informing you that it is a blacklisted trading platform designed to execute losing trades (confirmed). To make matters worse, there are fake review sites out there who have chosen to endorse the Bitcoin Circuit SCAM, so please make sure to search for an unbiased review before signing up. Technically speaking Bitcoin Circuit is a copied or cloned scam. It has been recycled many times before by various affiliate networks and media agencies who are using the exact same sales video, but switching the name, logo, and graphic design. So when we started receiving complaints about Bitcoin Circuit, we immediately sensed we were about to expose another fraudulent investment platform.

What is Bitcoin Circuit and How Does it Work?
Bitcoin Circuit is supposed to be a trading robot which generates winning signals. They claim that members who join this program receive access to an exclusive club reserved for new Bitcoin millionaires. But in reality when you signup you are making someone else rich and they are transferring your money into their pockets.

Bitcoin Circuit Brokers: It’s critical to point out that when we signed up our broker was named RI Markets, which is a rogue (not to mention unlicensed) broker owned by Fcorp Services Ltd and operating out of the Marshall Islands. Day traders signing up for the Bitcoin Circuit software are automatically assigned this type of broker. Once viewers complete the registration process they are subject to a myriad of scam tactics designed to bait them into funding a real money trading account with a totally anonymous, offshore Forex and CFD broker.

So if for some reason you are absolutely convinced that Bitcoin Circuit is a genuine trading system which generates profits, we recommend you take a minute and read our Bitcoin Circuit review because we exposed these crooks and their dirty methods of operation.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: The link is Spammy so we are not placing it on our site for your security.

Proof of SCAM:
OK so here is the main registration are for the Bitcoin Circuit SCAM app. You can clearly see that it says “Bitcoin Is Making People Rich. And You Can Become The Next Millionaire”.

Bitcoin Circuit Registration Area

And right here we have the same CNN anchorman talking about no banks and no fees (totally out of context of course) in no less than 6 documented and cloned scams we exposed right here at Scam Crypto Robots. If you need a point of reference just check Bitcoin Evolution and Bitcoin Trader on our site.

Bitcoin Circuit Copied Scam

Alright so here we have the user interface for the Bitcoin Circuit signals dashboard. Here too we can see that this software is also used in the Bitcoin Revival and Crypto Nation Pro scams.

Bitcoin Circuit Trading Panel

And here is the testimonial section (totally forged). You can see for yourself that “Jennifer A.” is not a real person since we found her image plastered on an image bank for Spanish actors.

Bitcoin Circuit Fake Testimonials

Fake Bitcoin Circuit Reviews
There are more than a few fake Bitcoin Circuit reviews and that is a crying shame because these websites are using their reputation to promote online crypto scams. We have added screenshots below as a point of reference so you can see for yourself.

Fake Bitcoin Circuit Reviews

Bitcoin Circuit Scam: Confirmed Phishing Site
This is not something we see every day, but for those of you who don’t know what phishing is, it is a link or website which is used to illegally obtain personal or private information by presenting itself as a trusted source of information or service. We used CloudFlare for testing purposes, but anyone recently trying to login will receive a similar message.

Bitcoin Circuit Phishing Site

Bitcoin Circuit Fake News
You may have been exposed to fake news articles using members of the Dragons’ Den (this morning show), Shark Tank, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Piers Morgan, Jim Davidson, Morten Harket, top UK celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay, and a host of other public figures or politicians from countries such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Singapore (Tharman Shanmugaratnam), and Hong Kong. Its all lies and deceptive advertising practices designed to bait you and get you signed up and depositing with a rogue offshore broker.

Bitcoin Circuit Fake News

Bitcoin Circuit Review, Forget About Being The Next Bitcoin Millionaire
Our extensive research reveals that Bitcoin Circuit is a fraudulent trading platform. We conducted a live test after investing €350 with this crypto robot via the cashier section of the broker software. Our live test results show that Bitcoin Circuit is totally rigged and set on losing mode intentionally. Additionally, after analyzing the complaints we received, we found out that the majority of people who try Bitcoin Circuit end up losing their initial investment within a period of 24 hours after engaging in live auto-trading.

An exact replica of similar scam robots, Bitcoin Circuit does not really offer any type of trading technology at all. The dashboard above is merely a visual representation of signals which are set to lose, and are not integrated with the actual broker trading engine. There is no “laser accurate technology”, nor is there a secret award-winning trading app with a “99.4%” win ratio (big surprise).

We also noticed that once traders deposit the likely hood of them getting their money back is zero or close to it. That is because the scamming brokers got smart and are now using 3D secure deposit methods. That means you have to validate your purchase with a unique code, and once you do that and send documents verifying your identity you can pretty much kiss your money goodbye.

Pricing: Is It Free?
No it isn’t. Try depositing less than €250 and see where that gets you (hint – nowhere). Naturally that money will be charged to your credit card by the broker which has been assigned to you (which may or may not be regulated).

Legitimate Bitcoin and CFD Trading Versus Fake Bots
Trading Crypto CFD’s is definitely one way to generate substantial income, but only if you understand what you are doing and have some degree of experience. If not you should at least consult about a strategy with a focus on optimal entry and exit times, as well as bankroll or money management (risk). It’s equally important to purchase the contracts (buy or sell) with the least possible fees, and if you don’t know how to do that you had best search for an automated trading or signals app which does the work for you. Otherwise you will most likely end up like 90% of retail Forex traders (broke).

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones we are getting the most complaints about are Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Trader.

A Few Tested Alternatives
We constantly test new systems and when we identify a software which generates consistent profits we add it to our recommended section. So why not take a minute and check it out?

Recommended Systems

Bitcoin Circuit Review, Summary, and Conclusions
The Bitcoin Circuit scam software and automated trading system (crypto robot) is a losing trading platform, filthy get-rich-quick scheme, and also a confirmed phishing site. Traders and opportunity seekers signing up for this fake app will end up losing their money and having their personal and financial information compromised. It is for these reasons that we are blacklisting this ruse and advising our members to seek alternative investment avenues.