Where Can You Use Cryptocurrencies as a Payment Method?

Cryptocurrencies are set to become the future of payments. It goes without saying that they revolutionized the global financial industry. Millions of people use them as a payment method these days, and judging from their growth, millions more will join the network in the next couple of years.

Some experts even believe that they have the potential to become the global universal payment method at some point in the future. Out of all the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has the highest potential, but we are not here to talk about Bitcoin specifically. We want to talk about cryptocurrencies as a whole.

Many conspiracy theorists discredit them and think that cryptocurrencies are fake and there are no places where you can use them as a payment method. WE decided to weigh in on the debate and name a few well-known brands where they are actually accepted. Not only that, but we are also going to name some of the advantages that they have over the FIAT currencies.

Online Casinos

Online casinos have become very popular in the past couple of years. They offer next-level of entertainment for the players as they feature hundreds of exciting games. One of the most reputable sites of this character is NetBet Casino, a platform where players can get access to the best games on the market.

Since online casinos operate in the online world and are keen on having fast transactions, cryptocurrencies are the perfect payment method. Many casinos feature cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum as they offer great benefits for both the players and the casinos. It provides players with extra online security, while the biggest advantage for online casinos is that they receive the funds instantly.


Next up, we have the biggest and most popular travel agency in the world. Expedia offers its services online and it can provide its customers with various flight arrangements, hotel booking, holidays, etc – literally anything related to vacations and trips. Recently, the company announced that they will accept Bitcoin as a payment method for some of its services. Mind you, you cannot use it for everything that they offer to the people, but still, this cryptocurrency is an accepted method at this global brand.


Finally, we have the first thing that comes to mind to millions of people when the word coffee is mentioned. Starbucks announced that they will accept crypto as a payment method back in 2019 and they joined the list of reputable brands that are looking into the future of the financial industry.

Other global brands that deserve a mention here are Microsoft, AT&T, Wikipedia, and Whole Foods.

The Advantages of Cryptocurrencies

As we promised at the beginning of the article, we are also keen on naming the advantages of cryptocurrencies. They are the reason as to why people love them and are fond of using them. First off, they are not controlled by banks or governments. That means that these institutions cannot impose hidden or added fees on transactions. General fees for certain transactions are also much lower. So, by using Bitcoin as an online payment method, you have the chance to save money.

Next up, they are fully optimized for online use and all transactions are instant, which is not the case with FIAT currencies. The biggest advantage that they have is that you can actually sell them and make a profit. We all know that the main reason as to why people like to use cryptocurrencies is because they can make them overnight wealthy people.

Just take a look at Bitcoin. The current value of this cryptocurrency exceeds $30,000 and some experts think that it will go as high as $50,000. The last advantage that we would like to mention is that cryptocurrencies provide users with a certain level of online anonymity, thus increasing their security.

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